The Best Way to Commute in London that's Not a Car or Public Transport

The Best Way to Commute in London that's Not a Car or Public Transport

London, how do you feel about returning to the office?

Some of it's pretty exciting - seeing real life humans again is enough to get you out of bed with an extra spring in your step, and perhaps the novelty of the morning coffee run hasn't worn off just yet. 

But then there's the flip side. Instead of chucking on an outfit and plodding to your desk, you now have to wake up hours before you start work, and make sure you have enough time to get across the city before 8:30am. It's the infamous London Commute!

You've probably heard the stats - apparently the average Londoner spends 23.5 full days commuting each year. 

It's a horrifying amount and especially since the pandemic, we are so aware of just how much life is trickling away commuting - something that, for the last year and a half at least, has been completely unnecessary for many of us.

Then there's the cost…

That same study estimated the average cost to London commuters was £5114 per year (that’s 18% of the average salary!).  Sure, the TfL system is great and all, and Ubers are a godsend, but that's absolutely nuts. 

So there's a major case for WFH, but for many of us this just isn't viable every day.  There's room for serious improvement in how we get around London.  Public transport is a pretty eco-friendly way to go, but what if there was something that was quick, affordable, fun AND green?

⚡️ Electric Mopeds ⚡️


How do those words make you feel? Perhaps you're reminded of a traumatic experience in Thailand 7 years ago…or maybe the idea of a lean, green, lightning fast machine gives you a little buzz…

Anyway turns out electric mopeds are way easier to ride than their petrol counterparts (forget Thailand!).  On an electric moped, your journey will cost a FRACTION of that of an Uber or tube ride. 

Take a trip from South Wimbledon to London Bridge as an example - a 20 mile round trip.  At peak times, if you use a travel card, the journey by tube will cost you £10.40 per day.  In an Uber it's well over £20 each way.

On a Bilis Mo-1 it's £0.10 for a return journey.  


No joke.

This is because it's 100% electric and electric vehicle running costs are far more economical than their petrol equivalents.  A bit of basic maths will tell you that the Mo-1 costs £0.005 per mile to run*. Each of the two batteries in the moped will go for about 40 miles, so you should be able to travel to and from work for 4 days before you need to charge up again.  Plus, because they charge off a 3-pin plug, you can plug in at work, at home, in a café - whenever or wherever you need to! 


If we say it twice will you believe us?!  There aren't extra costs here either.  The 100% electric thing means the Mo-1 is zero emission, so it is exempt from the congestion and ULEZ vehicle charge in Central London. 

 Man riding Bilis Electric Moped going fast

The trip from South Wimbledon to London Bridge takes about the same amount of time as the tube.  For some trips, the tube will still be quicker, but the Mo-1 can beat an Uber every time!

Still, why would you take the tube when you could actually enjoy your commute?  On hot summer days, rather than bundling onto the sticky, dirty, cramped tube and getting the gentle - or sometimes quite potent - wafts of body odour, you can have the feeling of wind in your hair as you zoom past queues of cars (you can legally do that on mopeds/motorbikes - when you do your CBT you actually get taught how to beat the traffic!). 

And that CBT you need to do is dead simple.

In fact, if you got your driver's licence before 2001 you legally don't even have to do one (though we recommend it anyway as it's super helpful and gives you so much confidence).  The CBT and a provisional licence is technically all you need (YAS no driving test!) so get out and ride without any hassle!

Because the UK government are incentivising EV uptake, they pay 20% of the cost upfront.  This means you can get your own Mo-1 for just £2195, and with multiple finance options available you could be paying as little as £30 per month for yours!

We're making EV life simple and stress-free for everyone. Upgrade your London commute with a Mo-1 for £2195.00 (0% monthly finance options available) with peace of mind knowing if you don't love your Mo-1 within 14 days, we'll pick it up free of charge and you'll receive a full refund.  We're on hand to answer any questions you might have about how to get on the road - just drop us a message via the web chat function or on Whatsapp. Heck, even give us a call!

What are you waiting for? Take a look at a Bilis Mo-1 today.

*This is based on the average London electricity price of 14.53p per kWh (at time of writing).  This doesn't include servicing and part replacement costs, or the upfront costs associated with owning a vehicle.