Go even greener on your new electric moped!

Go even greener on your new electric moped!

So you've done the first and most important bit - you've gone and sorted yourself with a lean, green, sexy machine and you're well on your way to cleaning this place up ūüĆ欆

But there are some extra things you can do to go even greener.  Read on for our top three ways to boost your Mo-1's eco credentials even more!


1. Look after your batteries

We give you 2 of these powerhouses to keep any range anxiety at bay.  But that doesn't mean you can use and abuse them ;) Of all the moped parts, these take the most energy to produce, so let's keep them running for many years to come (you get a 3 year warranty anyway, but they can go a lot longer than that!) 

Lithium Ion batteries like these operate best if you try to avoid them hitting 0% Wherever you can, keep the batteries between 25% and 75% charged for max life.

If you're storing your Mo-1 outside over winter, it's also advisable to bring your batteries inside to prevent them getting too cold over longer periods of time.  Occasional cold storage shouldn't make too much difference but if you keep the batteries in cold temperatures for a while it can begin to reduce their capacity.


2. Check your energy provider

Yes, overall electricity is already much greener than petrol (f**k petrol) but using your Mo-1 is even better if you've charged it using renewable power!  More and more energy providers in the UK are offering renewable tariffs.  Check out what your electricity provider offers, and consider making the switch to a 100% renewable provider to make your Mo-1 the greenest meanest machine on the road.


3. Charge at off-peak times

In the UK, when the population demands extra electricity, it's usually provided by fossil fuels (cry).  By charging batteries during off-peak times when the national grid is not overloaded, you're making the most of the spare renewable power that's available.  Off-peak is usually considered to be between 11pm and 7am, but also between 1pm and 4pm (presumably because we're all having an afternoon nap?).  With an EV-specific energy tariff, these periods are often cheaper too (not that it's expensive to charge the Mo-1 batteries) so you might also find you save a few pennies as well!



If you're already doing all this then you really are better than everyone.  Isn't that what you wanted to hear?

Anyway, if you really want to make an extra difference and alleviate all that guilt from your pre-Mo-1 days, go one step further and donate some of that cash you just saved (because travelling now costs you like £0.01 per mile) and go give it to a decent tree planting organisation!

 bilis electric mopeds in rain

Let us know if you have more tips for going even greener in the comments below!

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