How fast does the BILIS MO-1 go ? 


I am worried about the rain in Scotland!

Google told us it only rains 175 days a year average, thats not so bad; 190 days of dry days :D 

What is the mile range ? 

Up to 93 miles

What age can I drive a BILIS MO-1 ?

16 Years old

Do I need a licence to ride a moped if I am 16 ? 

The minimum age to ride a moped is 16 years and you will need to:

  • complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) for the relevant motorcycle category
  • pass a theory test
  • pass practical tests

Could I ride the BILIS MO-1 to school ? 

Absolutely!! We are sure it would save your parents the journey in the morning! All CBT training will need to be completed.

How do I charge the E-moped ?

It is as easy as charging your phone at night, take the battery (size of lunch box) out and plug it in inside your home. 

Can I drive on motorways with the BILIS MO-1 ?


Could someone steal the BILIS MO-1?

People can steal anything if they really wanted too, stealing our BILIS MO-1 would be pretty difficult, its a little heavy and you have a unique key; not to mention there is an app coming out that can link with your E-Moped.

Does the BILIS MO-1 run on petrol or diesel ? 

NO, this is a pure electric moped. The running cost is almost next to nothing. If you want it to be completely free, go to a friends house and use there plug socket ;) 

Do I charge my moped at a street charge point like the cars ? 

No, simply take the battery out the E-moped and plug it into a normal 3 prong socket!

How long does the battery last ? 

A full charge on a single battery will get you 46miles, you will be able to go from Glasgow To Edinburgh. For free with no fuel costs!

Do I need to have any money to purchase one ? 

No, the government are here to help with 20% off the initial cost and an interest free loan which is only available until March 2021. (Be quick before it goes)

Are they slow ? 

No, but they go to the speed that you should be travelling on a main road. 28MPH.